My Time Mentoring Package

Have you been working for a number of years and want to change what you do or start reducing your workload?  Can you only find support and advice related to Financial Planning? is your Career Development Consultancy which will help support you in phasing back your work in preparation for retirement from a social aspect.

SIgn up for the Pre-Retirement Support Package and receive the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • Skills Audit Session
  • Personal Journal
  • Pre-Recorded or live interview with retiree/s
  • Individualised SMART Plan
  • Introduction to Social Media in employment
  • Technical Knowledge Audit
  • Income streams from Hobbies Session
  • Flexible Work Arrangements Session
  • Succession Planning Session
  • Financial Planning ( professional additional service available upon request – extra charges apply)
  • Accessing the Labour Market session (for those seeking paid employment)
  • Entrepreneur Session (for those establishing own enterprise)
  • Pre Retirement Occupational Check-Up

Total cost: $ 1297 – Payment Plan Available

After we receive your subscription, you will be enrolled in the Lifelong Careers community. You will receive full access to the resources and services available in this package PLUS regular newsletters and articles.