Life After School-Where to Now?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I asked a school leaver what next after school and the reply is “I don’t know….”

school_leaversAfter thirteen years of trying to discover what you are good at and striving for success it’s suddenly game over.

What Now?

Your social group will be going in all directions, you no longer have the daily interaction with your teachers and all of a sudden your life is in your hands.

Whether you have chosen tertiary studies, employment, travel or a gap year, no matter what path taken your expectations will now play a big part in your future success.

Many school leavers have unrealistic expectations of a job or career and often quickly find themselves disillusioned with their choices.

When making important career decisions it is important to look beneath the surface and ensure that you have not only casual contact with a profession or industry.

Here is a list of activities you must engage in to ensure that you go into a new profession with your eyes wide open:

  • Speak with the people currently working in the industry or job
  • Download Career Advice Apps on iPhone or Android to view interviews with professionals working in various roles
  • Find out about levels of administration involved in an occupation- how much paperwork, reporting and compliance is really required?
  • Learn about any undesirable tasks that might be part of a job or profession
  • Spend a considerable time researching the industry and ask questions about a typical day at work and see how the job is performed on a daily,weekly or monthly basis
  • Gather significant information before investing in a university degree program
  • Discover normal salary ranges before you attend interviews – go to sites such as and – be aware of market salary ranges before you are asked the question- “what salary range would you be expecting?”
  • Weigh up the aspects of the job that you do or don’t like- is it in line with your work values?
  • Do your skills match those required or can you learn these skills easily and transfer them to on the job?

The more prepared you are about the realities  of a profession the better you will be prepared for the world of work after school.

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