Is an Internet Business for You?

The internet and its associated businesses are amazing for the reach and speed in which they are shaping our lives.

There is no doubt that the information age is here and the future is now.

The internet is the vehicle that millions of people have been looking for to enter into a more level playing field of enterprise and income. It is no longer just the large corporations doing big business online.

To successfully operate any business in the 21st century you must have an online presence. To have a good online presence you must have constantly changing products, information, services or a combination of these available as you would in your own business premises- similar to rotating stock.

There are three main types of internet businesses that operate locally or globally:

  • Selling goods and services
  • Extending a ‘bricks and mortar’ business (physical business premises)
  • Selling information and associated services

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a technological ‘guru’ to operate an online business. All aspects of internet business can be self-taught or outsourced depending on your ability to learn new skills or level of finance to pay fee for service.

There are many benefits of running an internet business which include:

Low start up costs

Quick startup timeframes – much less time required than a business with premises

You can compete with companies and organisations of any size

Scalable potential – this means your product or service can be sold just as easy to one person as it could for 100. Once you have created the product it can be sold over and over again without replacing stock or requiring extra resources such as staff to manage large orders.

Passive Income potential – your website is open 24/7 which means sales can be occurring overnight while you sleep!

Global Marketplace – you are no longer restricted to sales in your local community or country!

Quick market response – the internet allows for rapid data to update you about the popularity of a product, where your customers are coming from, the average sale price etc using software applications

An internet business can be almost fully automated with minimal labour input from you or your team.

What to be aware of ……….

Just as you can quickly setup an internet business so too, can a competitor.

If you can cope with this then you will be doing well.

You must have an open mind to technology and educate yourself about the rapid changes that can take place. Sometimes you need to go where it takes you.

How can you teach yourself how to run an internet business?


Sign up to the plethora of industry expert websites who all specialise in particular niches of internet business.

Join business network groups in your town, suburb or city and share information with these people.

Attend group seminars and ‘summits’ run by perceived internet ‘gurus’

Read as many self-help books as you can borrow or buy.

Where can I find these experts?


For a substantial website list go to

Be clear about your sense of purpose and about what you are offering online. The internet may just be the vehicle for you creating an income and flexible lifestyle that you may have always wanted.