10 Ways to Change Careers and Market Yourself

Brand ImageMillions of people worldwide are gripped by a paralysing fear of changing careers.

The reasons why?

Fear of change, job instability and a lack of knowledge about how to market themselves to employers and clients.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a product or a brand?

Have you ever thought that nobody in the world has your skills, knowledge, personality, and life experience?

This makes you a very unique product which can be marketed and packaged to sell to employers and clients happy to engage your services- worldwide.

The world is now a global marketplace waiting to pay fee for service, project by project.

With the explosive growth of sites such as www.freelancer.com, www.elance.com www.odesk.com and www.vworker.com  you can now package your skills, create a profile and market yourself. You can bid for and complete work from home, project by project.

If you follow the top 10 Market Yourself tips below you will be well on your way to making a transition from the rat race to a work life of your design:

1)   Recognise yourself as a product- learn how to package your skills, expertise, work experience, and life experience. Know how to create an online profile.

2)   Know Yourself- what type of work is your personality suited to?

3)   Identify your skills and knowledge

4)   Discover your work purpose- what type of excites you?

5)   Focus on the type of work you like to do not just the job

6)   Discover your work values- what is important to you about work?

7)   Create a work contact network- these people may be able to offer you a range of projects to work on

8)   Develop an open mind to the new world of work- projects, consultancy, contract work

9)   Embrace social media- these platforms are very powerful and becoming increasingly important in marketing

10) Increase your “techno mojo”- research, learn and absorb as much information as possible about the online world and business online.

In marketing yourself you need to learn the art of self-promotion and network with people who know how you work and are happy to engage your services or refer you to others.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my ideal client?
  • What problems do they have?
  • What solutions am I offering?
  • Why would someone choose me to help them?
  • When are ideal times to market myself and my offering?

“You have to sow a lot of seeds, some are flowers and some are weeds. Some will die while others grow, but it all depends on how many you sow.”   

If you work like this share your experience with others and leave a comment in the box below!